Frozen Bubbles

The moment when it starts freezing and snowing outside, is the moment when you see those magical frozen soap bubbles all over social media. It's not hard do make them, you only need to know HOW you do it. In this blog I will explain step by step what I did.

Recipe soap bubbles

This is what I use to make my own soap

Take a bowl or something.

- 2 spoons of sugar

- fill up with warm water (it will freeze easier)

- Add soap. I used green Dreft but I don’t know if Dreft exists everywhere 

See that the water will get the colour of the soap. It doesn’t need to be a dark colour. But just make sure you use enough. 

- add glycerine/glycerol if you have if. It make the bubbles stronger. Corn juice can work too.

- make sure that the bubbles are placed on a frozen underground (like snow or something). I used a simple bottle to place the bubbles. 

This is how my soap looks like

When there is too much wind or snow, the bubble will burst.

Find a wind free spot

Place the bubbles

This is an importend step.

Be sure that the place, you want to put the bubbles, is wind-free. Those bubbles are quite weak and can break fast, as you can see in the movie on top.

You can use a bubble stick from the ready-made soaps. I didn't have one so I made one myself (everything with a hole can work). After trying to blow the bubbles, I figured out that they burst as soon as they touched the snow. On that point I decided to try to place them with a bottle. Doing it that way, gave me more control on where those bubbles located.


Be patient. It's the key for getting the best images. Don't be afraid to try things. If I didn't drop my bubble stick, I never saw the ice crystals forming like you can see on the image here.

* Text continues under the video *

Try different angles. Some of the backgrounds make it hard to see the ice crystals. Move around your bubbles, follow the light. And mostly; enjoy!

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